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Vía Célere reaffirms its commitment to the challenges of the global agenda at CSR Spain 2018

· September 28, 2018 |

  • CSR Spain 2018, the largest corporate social responsibility event in Spain organized by Forética, analysed the main challenges, trends and business opportunities that mark the path to sustainability under the theme "Objective: sustainability"

Yesterday, Forética, the leading association of companies and professionals in corporate social responsibility (CSR), held its annual benchmark meeting on corporate social responsibility and sustainability: CSR Spain 2018. Under the framework of "Objective: Sustainability", the main challenges, trends and business opportunities that mark the path to sustainability were analysed. Among the more than 350 firms invited, Vía Célere was the only real estate developer to participate in the event, aligning in its intervention the challenges of the global agenda with the impact of the real estate sector and the company's commitment to respond to society's needs. 

Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, President and CEO of Vía Célere, indicated that "We are aware of the high social and environmental impact generated by our sector's activity. Of the 17 SDGs that make up the global agenda, the real estate sector is directly affected by 6. This means we have to adopt a much more proactive attitude in the incorporation of new processes in our activity". 
The event was attended by various professionals from different sectors who have dealt with issues related to the latest global trends on sustainability, environmental, social and governmental challenges, national and international challenges and the foundations on which to build solid corporate social responsibility. 

Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado participated in the event with a presentation on "Climate change and sustainable cities". During his participation, the President and CEO of Via Célere addressed relevant issues such as the impact of global population growth and urban planning on city life, new building processes and energy efficiency, and he reaffirmed the company's commitment to the real estate sector, society and the environment. 

Vía Célere's vision in the light of the sector's challenges 

Gómez-Pintado highlighted that the company has been innovating for years to move towards a more sustainable and responsible building model. Along these lines, he pointed out that Vía Célere played a pioneering role in introducing new systems such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), LPS (Last Planner System) and industrialization in its construction processes, noting that all these innovations lead to savings in time, energy and raw materials. 
The President and CEO of Via Célere also mentioned that the company's latest developments have the highest energy rating. At this point he emphasized that there is still a long way to go, since only 5% of the more than 25 million homes present in Spain have an acceptable energy rating. In addition, Gómez-Pintado recalled the major advances the company has experienced in reducing polluting emissions, pointing out that the developments handed over in recent years have achieved cumulative reductions of more than 1,884 Tn of CO2 emitted. 

Corporate Social Responsibility, a key factor in business strategy 

All these initiatives are set under the protection of the company's CSR strategy, Célere Commitment, in which Vía Célere collaborates actively with other entities and institutions in the education sector to promote projects that respond to the sustainable development needs in today's society.   


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