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Vía Célere Innovation Room: Soup kitchens

· October 23, 2019 |

Vía Célere, together with the Isolana Foundation and other collaborating companies, has completed a solidarity action for the rehabilitation of a soup kitchen in Madrid's Vallecas neighbourhood. Via Célere has provided the necessary financial, human and material means to adapt a premises transferred by the Community of Madrid to the NGO Manos de Ayuda Social, which will be the organization in charge of managing and dealing with the beneficiaries of the soup kitchen on a daily basis.

This initiative is included within Célere Compromiso, one of Vía Célere's corporate pillars from which it seeks to promote more sustainable construction, get involved in those social priorities related to building, and serve as an ethical and good governance model within the sector.

The project came through a request from Manos de Ayuda Social to Vía Célere, starting up after the NGO had to abandon its previous location in Ciudad Lineal due to the sale of the premises.  Vía Célere contributed its knowledge in building by putting it at the service of this initiative to make the project a reality and which has been possible thanks to the involvement of some of its regular collaborators, as well as its own employees and especially the Isolana group, which contributed the materials necessary for the project.

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