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via celere increase sales last month

Vía Célere registers an increase of 189% in sales last month

· June 30, 2020 |

  • There has been growth in the signing of new contracts, 36%, in property deeds, 157%, in visits to the website and blog, and in the number of new followers on corporate social networks.

Via Célere recorded a 189% increase in sales made between May 15 and June 15 with respect to those obtained in the previous month.

This figure obtained has also accompanied by a reactivation of interest in the demand for the residential market. According to data from the commercial department of Vía Célere, the number of leads, face-to-face visits and phone calls from customers showing interest in acquiring a home has grown in the last two months and is already higher than the figure obtained before the state of alarm was declared. Thus, in the last month, the number of calls received has increased by 139%, face-to-face appointments by 58% and leads by 53%.

Likewise, the interest shown by Vía Célere customers is also reflected in the increase in visits to its web pages, blogs and the number of new followers on social networks, as, in all cases, these metrics exceed the levels recorded before the alarm status was declared. In the specific case of visits to the website, there has been an increase of 24% between May 15 and June 15, preceded by an increase of 57% in the previous month.

The commercial contact figures attest to a clear reactivation of residential demand in Spain, as well as the commitment by Vía Célere to providing homes”, ensures Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director at Vía Célere. "Although the growing sales data is very positive, it is particularly the customer contacts, which are already higher than the ones we obtained in March, that give us most reason to be optimistic about our recovery prospects before the end of the year",  she added.

Like the trade figures,  house deeds figures have also exceeded in June those obtained in March, after registering a 157% increase. Alongside these, figures for contracts have also shown signs of recovery, with a 36% rise.

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