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Via Célere delivers 1,241 homes in 2019 and doubles the figure for 2018

· January 20, 2020 | El Confidencial

Vía Célere, specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has closed 2019 with the delivery of 1,241 homes throughout Spain, doubling the figure for 2018, when it reached 600 units. With this figure, the company has exceeded the target initially set and forecasts a significant increase for 2020.

Regarding the regional analysis, the residential developer has focused its activity on the Community of Madrid, a region in which it has made 776 deliveries, which represents almost 63% of the total. However, the company has also expanded its territorial diversification in the last year, making 206 deliveries in Málaga, 160 in Barcelona, 88 in Seville, 10 in Valladolid and 1 in A Coruña, highlighting the expansion and commitment to these urban centres.

entrega viviendas via celere


At the same time, Vía Célere expects to maintain this upward trend for its deliveries over the next few years, based on the numbers of homes being marketed and the agreements with customers that has already closed. In this respect, the company put 2,082 homes up for sale in 2019, giving it 8,111 units on the market, distributed throughout 15 provinces. In addition, it has already signed the pre-sale of 1,774 homes for delivery in 2020 and a further 1,324 in 2021.

“Our results for 2019 have been excellent, as reflected by our figures for delivery of homes. This year not only have we reached our initial expectations, but we have also further strengthened our residential sector leadership in Spain, laying, in turn, the foundations of an ambitious and demanding and ambitious long-term strategic plan, assured José Ignacio Morales Plaza, CEO at Vía Célere.

Source of the news: Ir a la noticia

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