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BIM, Industrialisation & LPS. A success story at Vía Célere

· March 09, 2018 | Vía Célere

The fourth edition of the European BIM Summit was a complete success. The most reputable professionals in the field are taking care of this. Sandra Llorente, Innovation and Industrialisation Manager at Vía Célere, has also made her contribution to this.

The session that she delivered at the European BIM Summit dealt with the use of BIM, Industrialisation and LPS at Via Célere, applied to the construction of a development. In this case in Residencial Célere Villaverde, which thanks to the use of these technologies reduced its construction period by 20%, thus accelerating the delivery period by 4 months

EBS Sandra

But how has Via Célere used these technologies to achieve such a successful result?

Residencial Célere Villaverde is complex: it is made up of 98 homes with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, with garages and storerooms. In addition, it has a number of communal rooms, energy rating A and geothermal installation. The development also has underfloor heating and cooling and dual flow ventilation. Moreover, according to the agreement adopted by Madrid City Council in 2016,  Residencial Célere Villaverde is an almost zero-consumption building.

Through BIM, the teams have worked in coordination to define the construction elements, the necessary objects and settings and design the custom objects; also preparing tables for the planning of each project. Finally, the aim has always been to seek greater efficiency and quality in the process by monitoring the "BIM Execution Plan" for each project

By planning the project with a Last Planner System (LPS), productivity in construction has increased while downtime and variability in projects have been reduced. This is achieved in such a way that instead of managing activities, people are now being managed.

Finally, time has been saved in construction through the industrialisation of the bathrooms of the development.  And the data is surprising: delivery of 20 bathrooms per day, each bathroom takes 5 hours to install and reduces the accident rate by 90%.

And thus, using these methods, the result is that Residential Célere Villaverde has been delivered 4 months ahead of schedule and differentiation of an infographic from reality is very difficult.

Sandra Llorente impressed the AXA Auditorium at the Illa Diagonal Business and Commercial Centre in Barcelona with this data.  In this edition of the European BIM Summit has presented a new format, bringing together professionals from 12 countries. At Vía Célere, a pioneering developer in the use of BIM we wanted to mark the holding of this event in a special way by acting as one of the sponsors of the European BIM Summit 2018.


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