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Célere Innova

For the past eleven years or more we have developed thousands of innovative stories, stories we continue to create and that will continue to innovate the lives of many families.



We are Innovative

Via Célere fulfils the dreams of many people: owning a home. To reach that dream, the work of a great team is necessary to make it possible. A team of professionals specialized in the development, investment and management of real estate assets which, since 2007, have had a single aim: to create the home our customers need.

Our philosophy has always been innovation and for this a constant improvement is required of processes as well as incorporating materials that combine efficiency, modernity and design, to make the Vía Célere home a unique and unrepeatable place.

This is achieved thanks to the result of years of work and enthusiasm, which would not be possible without the trust our customers place in us.



We incorporate improvements in our performance and in our products that allow us to be increasingly efficient and environmentally sustainable. Our commitment to sustainability allows us to build in a more agile and sustainable way, generating less waste and reducing pollution levels, while producing greater energy savings.

gestion lean

Lean Management

Our work culture philosophy as a company is focused on the continuous improvement of processes through the incorporation of collaborative tools that improve communication, coordination, planning, monitoring, control and optimization of processes.

With this model we achieve standardization of processes, eliminating activities that do not add value, minimizing risks and helping our employees to be more efficient. We promote teamwork by involving all of our employees in the entire company management process.

We rely on sharepoint tools for business management, and LPS (Last Planner System) planning methodologies for our projects, this system changes the traditional way of executing a building, improving above all, the coordination between tradespeople. It is an approach that assumes that the person going to execute a certain task (the painter or the plumber, for example) knows, better than anyone, how to do their job and what things they need to execute it. This improves the safety at the work site and the quality of the final product. 

video lps


Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

La tecnología BIM nos permite construir los edificios de forma virtual antes de hacerlos físicamente. Con esta herramienta nos anticipamos a los problemas y los podemos corregir en el proyecto. Dibujamos en 3 dimensiones todo el edificio con estructura, tabiquerías, instalaciones, carpinterías etc. Cualquier interferencia o incompatibilidad se detecta automáticamente.

Bussines Intelligence

Business Intelligence

At Vía Célere we use strategies and sophisticated tools to process infinite descriptive and prescriptive data that allow us to transform information into knowledge, improving the process and anticipation in decision-making.  

We collect, process, analyse and present Insights to help our employees have secure and reliable information, which helps them to have a single version of reality, allowing them to draw conclusions and support decisions for the improvement and competitiveness of our business in the market.

We align the processes with the key business data in order to guarantee the integrity, availability and security of the information. Thanks to BI, we achieve greater depth in the analysis of information with the appropriate means to carry out projections and analysis to enable excellence in decision-making.

Digital signature

Digital signature

We want to make life easier for our customers, that is why we remain at the forefront of PropTech with the incorporation of new technological tools that transform the traditional way of operating. We have implemented the possibility of formalizing the purchase of the home using an electronic signature.

Our customers will be able to sign reservations, contracts and any other additional document without leaving home and in a 100% legal and safe way. The technology used complies with national and European regulations and with the strictest international safety and compliance standards.

magic house

magic house MagicHouse

At Via Célere we know that no one day is the same as the previous one. Our needs change, and the spaces around us should be able to change with them.

From this philosophy of change and adaptability, MagicHouse is created, an innovative and pioneering concept in the real estate sector in our country.
The house allows you to distribute the space and live moments according to your needs.

It has two adaptable spaces, via a mobile partition wall that includes electricity and telecommunications points, a new room can be created by reducing the space available in the living room. In addition, the integration of furniture (such as a double bed, two bunk beds, a desk and multiple cupboards) on the walls allow the user to always have the most comfortable space according to their needs.

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