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5000 homes delivered

Vía Célere passes the 5,000 homes delivered mark

· September 02, 2020 |

  • More than 50% of the deliveries have been made since 2018, which demonstrates the developer's up trend.
  • Of the total of 5,010 homes, 3,825 were delivered in Spain, while the remaining 1,185 were spread between Brazil, Poland and Bulgaria.

Vía Célere has passed the figure of 5,000 homes delivered in the first half of the year. The company, with over 12 years in the business, has one of the best track records of Spanish developers, which backs up its intention to stay in the lead in Spain's residential market.

Reaching this milestone, the delivery of a total of 5,010 homes demonstrates not only the broad experience of Vía Célere and its entire team of professionals, but also the success of our business model, which has been committed to innovation and sustainability from the outset. Our intention is to remain leader of Spain's residential sector and to keep increasing our home deliveries rate, as we have been doing over the last few years, until we reach a figure that is sustainable over time and balanced in terms of the requirements of the market and of the demand” José Ignacio Morales Plaza, Vía Célere's CEO explained.

Within the total figure, the developer has made over 50% of deliveries since 2018, year in which it delivered 600 homes. After that, in 2019 it reached

1,241 units, and in the first six months of 2020, 596, the highest figure of the entire sector in Spain. Furthermore, from 1 July 2019 through to 30 June 2020, Vía Célere delivered over 1,600 homes, the highest figure achieved by a housing developer in Spain in the last decade.

As for the geographical distribution, Vía Célere delivered 1,185 homes outside Spain, spread between Brazil, Poland and Bulgaria, where it was already operating at the start. With respect to the over 3,825 units delivered in our country, Vía Célere has continued to focus on the country’s biggest urban centres where the demand is highest. Thus, it has delivered 2,537 homes in Madrid, 514 in Barcelona, 418 in Málaga, 168 in Seville, 95 in Valladolid and 93 in A Coruña.

With the current distribution of its property portfolio, with over 2.7 million square metres and capacity for 22,500 units, the developer has diversified geographically and has a building land portfolio in 12 Spanish provinces as well as in Portugal’s two main cities: Porto and Lisbon.

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