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Vía Célere, pioneer in Spain in protecting its customers’ investment

· July 19, 2018 | Vía Célere

  • This insurance, which is the result of an agreement between Vía Célere and Cbp Solutions, also protects buyers against their inability to meet mortgage payments
  • The first Vía Célere customers who will be able to benefit from this new product will be those of the Célere Mairena development in Seville.

Vía Célere, a real estate Company that specialises in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, will be the first developer in Spain to insure its customers against the possible financial losses sustained by the unexpected sale of a property. Through the agreement signed with the broker Cbp Solutions, Vía Célere helps to reduce the uncertainties associated with the purchase of a home and continues to take steps to increase the services and support that it offers its customers after the sale is completed.

This new “Payments & Resale Protection” insurance, which is free for buyers and which protects Vía Célere customers from the time when they reserve the property until 3 years after completion, covers up to 20% of the selling price up to a maximum of 30,000 euros. In this way, if someone finds that they are obliged(1) to sell their home in the years after buying it, they will receive compensation for the difference between the sale amount and the initial price that they paid for it.

Furthermore, this new product will also protect Vía Célere against any circumstances that prevent them from making the full or part payments derived from the purchase, due to reasons such as unemployment, admission to hospital, temporary incapacity, death or permanent incapacity as a result of an accident. “Payments & Resale Protection” will initially be available for the buyers of the 164 homes in the Célere Mairena development located in Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville), the first phase of which is scheduled for delivery in April 2020.

Teresa Marzo, General Business Manager at Vía Célere said that “the trust that our customers place in us is our most important asset and, for this reason, we want to respond to them by giving them the greatest possible peace of mind and certainty at such a crucial time in their lives as the purchase of a home. With this insurance, which is pioneering in the sector, we continue to move forward in our commitment to users so that they can concentrate more on choosing their ideal home and forget about other concerns”.

Mikel Landa, Commercial and Marketing Manager of Cbp Solutions pointed out that “our satisfaction with the agreement with Vía Célere, which enables us to move forward with our strategy of development of innovative products in the Spanish market, which offer end customers protection and assist our partner in their value proposal”.


1 Due to situations of unemployment, job relocation, multiple birth, divorce /separation of couples, death or permanent complete incapacity.


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