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Célere Sant Feliu

Célere Sant Feliu, a promotion of 86 homes and large common areas

· November 29, 2017 |

Vía Célere, a residential developer specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has started to market its new Célere Sant Feliu promotion, located on calle Països Catalans and Avinguda de la Riera. It is a residential complex of 86 homes with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms between 82 and 138 square meters with a terrace, parking space and storage room. The promotion has common areas with a pool, large garden areas, rooms available to the community and a playground.

One of the main pillars of Vía Célere is to ensure the safety and quality of life of its owners, for that reason it has included a cardioprotected space that has an external   "Cardio Guard Systems" defibrillator that can be used in the event that any of the residents were to require this type of assistance.

In the words of Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director: "One of our main premises is to develop innovative projects and always be at the forefront of the client's needs. In this context, we actively work on the prevention of those factors that may affect welfare and to obtain peace of mind for the owners. In this way, we make sure they live in a safer environment. "

In addition, one of the characteristics Vía Célere homes has also  incorporated into Célere Sant Feliu is the A Energy Rating, which means a reduction in CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in the building's energy demand. In fact, it is estimated that the savings, adding up the annual energy expenditure on gas and electricity, could be up to € 900 compared to a house with energy rating F.

The promotion is located in a development zone with sports areas, wide avenues, schools, shops, restaurants, health centres and green areas such as the Torreblanca Park.

Célere Sant Feliu communicates with the dual carriageways A-2, B-23 and the N-340 road, the main access roads to Barcelona. In addition, it is close to the Baix Sant Feliu Consell Comarcal Tram stop, along with several bus stops and the future Metro line 3.



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