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Home automation

What is home automation?
Home automation is the array of technologies applied to smart home automation and control, which allows efficient management of energy use, provides safety and comfort, as well as communication between the user and the system.

The control network of the home automation system is integrated with the electrical energy network and coordinated with the rest of the networks with which it is connected: telephony, television, and information technologies, complying with the installation rules applicable to each of them.

Home automation benefits
Among the benefits of home automation, noteworthy is:
- Greater energy savings: smart management of lighting, HVAC, hot water, watering, electrical appliances, etc., making better use of natural resources, using the lowest cost hourly rates, and thus reducing the energy bill. 
- Promotes accessibility
- Provides security through automatic surveillance of people, animals and goods, as well as incidents and breakdowns - Converts the dwelling into a more comfortable home through device management and household activities