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Primary residence

What is a property for primary residence?
For the Tax Authority to consider a property a primary residence, it must meet the following requirements:
- Be the taxpayer's residence for a continuous period of at least three years.
- Be moved into and inhabited by the taxpayer within no more than twelve months.
- Parking spaces acquired jointly with the property are also subject to deduction for primary residence.

What type of properties are not considered primary residences?
Annexes or any other elements that do not effectively constitute the individual property itself, such as utility rooms, gardens, recreational areas, swimming pools and sports facilities acquired jointly with the individual property are excluded from the concept of primary residence.

These are important considerations, since failing to meet any of these requirements will mean the Tax Authority no longer considers the property a primary residence, and as such it will not be liable for tax deductions and any deductions made will have to be returned.

However, there are some exceptions that ensure the character of primary residence is not lost, such as:

- Death
- Circumstances that require a change of address
- The property becoming unsuitable for use due to disability