Vía Célere, the first Spanish real estate developer to join Forética

Vía Célere, which specialises in real estate development, investment and management, has become the first Spanish real estate developer to join Forética, the premier quality association that promotes good corporate practices and sustainability.

By joining this association, Vía Célere reinforces its commitment to CSR in all the company’s areas, based on innovation and promoting a more sustainable construction model, while also engaging with the social priorities that derive from the construction business and serving as a model of good governance and ethics within the industry.

Through its recent association with Forética, Vía Célere will have access to innovative solutions to the daily challenges it faces in managing its CSR, as well as a forum of exchange that will help the company benefit from the knowledge and experience of Forética’s network of partners.

With this, Vía Célere hopes to become a force for change and serve as a leading model of social innovation within the real estate sector, which is more in line with the modern values of efficiency and sustainability that society currently demands.

For Fernando Riaño, Chair of the Governing Board, “Vía Célere’s association with Forética is a clear indication of its commitment to sustainability. The association’s Governing Board welcomes Vía Célere, which can now benefit from Forética’s innovative tools in the areas of social responsibility, environmental protection and good governance, thus maximising its positive contributions to sustainability “.

As Juan Antonio Gómez Pintado, President of Vía Célere, says: “Social responsibility has to be a top priority in the real estate sector. We are convinced that our association with Forética will bring to the fore our commitment to transparency, social responsibility and sustainability, and we hope that it will lead the way in encouraging the whole sector to get more involved in this important and fundamental matter”.