Vía Célere updates its corporate identity and launches a new Web

Vía Célere, promoter specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has presented its new corporate identity by remodelling its logo with a more modern format, adapted to its new situation without renouncing the essence of the company. With this revision, the company has tried to balance all the elements that made up its identity.

With the representation in its logo of an agora, the place where the Greeks debated about commerce, culture and politics, Via Célere wanted to show its true DNA. The company has, from its beginnings and in all its departments, a culture of innovation, one of the great hallmarks established by Greek culture.

According to Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, president of Via Célere,“The concept of the name of the company was born on a family trip, the Greek and Roman cultures have always fascinated me and I decided to join them in a company that was about to be born in 2007, my dream was to create a company with a sustained growth and that In a few years would obtain the recognition of the sector, hence the Latin name of Vía Rápida: Via Célere “, concludes Gómez-Pintado.

Likewise, the corporate claim has also been changed to “Homes that innovate your life”, highlighting the fact that the company has its sights firmly set on the customer.

Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, External Communication and Customer Service Director says “With this change in the corporate identity of the company we wanted to maintain the essence of Via Célere but offering a touch of modernity, for this we have included slight modifications that give a more current touch to a logo that perfectly represents the essence of our company. “

Coinciding with the updating of the corporate identity, the promoter has launched its new website and new blog, which is more intuitive and adapted to the new trends in design and usability so that anyone interested in Vía Célere homes can find the necessary information.

Likewise, information has been incorporated on the distinctive areas that the company makes available to its customers, such as:

Célere Lifestyle: which includes all the services that the Vía Célere homes have such as the social-gourmet room, the large common areas or the interior design service and the personalization of the homes, among others.

Célere Innova: which includes all the innovative improvements that are incorporated into Vía Célere homes, such as energy efficiency, industrialization and sustainability.

Célere Commitment: Vía Célere is not only a real estate developer, but goes the full way to improve society through training, employment and social action activities through the Vía Célere Foundation.

With these changes, Vía Célere culminates a process of digital transformation in which it has also opted to enhance the company’s presence in social networks, virtual reality projects and the creation of the home customization app.

Vía Célere is today one of the leading companies in the residential development sector. The company, which this year celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation, has already delivered more than 2,326 homes and continues with its expansion plan nationally and in Portugal.