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About us

Vía Célere is a real estate company specialising in development, investment and management of residential assets. Thanks to its innovative business model and team of professionals, Vía Célere is today one of the reference companies in the new environment and real estate cycle.

Since its founding in 2007, Vía Célere has already delivered more than 6.000 homes, demonstrating a solid experience in startups, development and delivery of high quality residential developments throughout the whole of Spain.

Mission Vía Célere


Thanks to our innovative business model and team of professionals, Via Célere is now one of the benchmark companies in the development, investment and management of residential assets in Spain and Portugal.

We back innovation and sustainability as the fundamental pillars of our projects, at the same time as we make a permanent commitment to customer satisfaction by creating design houses with  quality and comfort; with the profitability that we provide to our shareholders and the professional development of our employees..

At Vía Célere we are committed to society, we channel corporate social responsibility activities through various initiatives.



We aspire to lead the residential market due to the quality of our promotions, the innovation of our processes, the incorporation of the latest technologies and advances in sustainability, and the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees.

Our pioneering nature drives us to continuously transform the way in which we build and develop our projects.



Innovation.We anticipate changes and market demand, transforming the way we build with the latest in design, energy efficiency, comfort, services, and environmental sustainability.


Quality. We create houses with the satisfaction and comfort of our clients in mind, leading a new concept of real estate development focused exclusively on responding to their needs.


Transparency. As benchmarks in the new real estate market, we are committed to providing the market with all the information possible so that it develops with the greatest transparency and dynamism.


Commitment. We live for and for our clients, shareholders, employees and society in general, being aware that our delivery and commitment to them are the key to our success.


Sustainability. Our commitment to the environment leads us to integrate demanding environmental and energy saving criteria into each and every one of our developments.


Solvency. We are committed to the growth of Vía Célere and its business always on solid and rational foundations, with a medium and long-term project that provides confidence and peace of mind to our clients.

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