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Vía Célere celebrates its 10th anniversary

Vía Célere celebrates its 10th anniversary

· December 26, 2017 | El Mundo

Vía Célere, the firm specialising in real estate development, investment and management, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The company is a benchmark in the Spanish real estate market today, with 22 developments currently on sale throughout the country.

The company, presided by Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, has a workforce of 200 employees and is active in Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona, Sevilla, Malaga, La Coruña, Valladolid and Valencia. The developers recently announced that they will be developing their first project outside Spain, specifically in Portugal, in the second quarter of 2018.

"During these 10 years, we have given thousands of people the keys to their new homes. In this time, we have learnt a lot about the ideal home that Spaniards prefer and about the best materials and construction processes ", Gómez-Pintado points out.

Vía Célere has always focused on building a solid land portfolio and on building and selling high quality homes, in which the application of innovation in all its processes and the satisfaction and well-being of its clients are essential. “We have all the tools we need and this gives us the experience", adds Gómez-Pintado.

During 2017, Vía Célere launched 16 developments, which they can now add to those they were already selling, resulting in a total of 22 developments currently being commercialised.

Vía Célere was founded in 2007, since when it has gradually forged its own path in the Spanish real estate market. Sustainability and innovation have been the main drivers of the company and it has implemented them transversally in all its departments.

Demonstrating the strategic importance of sustainability and innovation for the developer, in 2017 Vía Célere brought together these two concepts under the umbrella of its Célere Innova division. Thus, the homes that Vía Célere build incorporate these values, as well as others that are currently important to society, such as energy efficiency, industrialisation and sustainability.

Furthermore, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to its customers through Célere Lifestyle. This business line encompasses all the services the developer provides to people on their estates –communal areas, social-gourmet club facilities, study rooms or beauty salons-, as well as the interior design and home customisation services, among others. The company is also committed to social values, as exemplified by the Célere Compromiso division, which formulates measures to improve the environment through training, employment and social activities, with the support of the Vía Célere Foundation.

Source of the news: El Mundo

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