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celere cities

Célere Cities

The real estate sector plays a key role in the development of cities. For this reason, at Vía Célere, we present Célere Cities: an initiative that helps to display our vision of the future of cities, which is more respectful of the social surroundings and the environment.

Through Célere Cities we reach out to our stakeholders to advance together with a building model that contributes to creating more sustainable cities and urban environments, in line with the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development goals.

huella de carbono
huella de carbono

CO2 & Cities

After the pioneering study carried out by Vía Célere in 2019 on the Water Footprint in the residential development, in 2020 we took another step to continue this initiative with the calculation of the Carbon Footprint, understanding this as the totality of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted due to the direct or indirect effect by an individual, organization, event or product.

As a result of the Carbon Footprint analysis, we have obtained information that can be used as a global environmental indicator of the activity carried out by Vía Célere, thus establishing the basic reference point for the start of actions to reduce energy consumption and for the use of resources and materials with better environmental performance.

seccion water cities
celere cities

Water & Cities

Vía Célere and the Autonomous University of Madrid promoted the Observatory to encourage the environmental sustainability of residential development, with the aim of providing new tools to control the construction sector's impact on the environment, using Vía Célere's residential developments as a model. The Observatory's first project is a pioneering study that measures the water footprint of the construction of residential developments in Spain.

A product's Water Footprint is defined as the sum of the fresh water needed to make all the raw materials and all the by-products used in its production process, as well as the water directly used in its manufacture. The possibility of estimating this point is the first step in evaluating how water consumption can be optimized when building a development.
Vía Célere will return a percentage of its blue water footprint each year by supporting social projects related to improving water management. In 2019, we have committed to recover for the environment 20% of the blue water footprint of the developments that we will hand over this year.

future cities

future cities Future Cities

At Vía Célere, through its alliance with Ashoka, we have developed the Future Cities project. A project that aims to promote the active participation of citizens and young people in the challenges that cities present today through transformative proposals linked to improving urban sustainability.

Currently, more than 50% of the world's population lives in cities and forecasts indicate that it will increase to 70% by 2050. All this has a direct impact on factors such as pollution, the growth of cities in an uncontrolled manner or difficulties in accessing decent housing.

These are global challenges in which the real estate and construction sectors are highly involved, due to the volume of CO2 emissions from the sector, as well as the amount of energy consumed or the types of urban planning.

Therefore, all the agents involved, must advocate reducing the negative environmental impact in cities and promoting sustainable building.

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