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Célere Compromiso

Célere Compromiso is our undertaking with social and environmental causes and with innovation and sustainability, helping to make Vía Célere a social authority in the sector.

Vision of Célere Compromiso

At Vía Célere we believe that social responsibility should play a key role in the real estate sector, and be the tool used to channel the sector's commitment to transparency, excellence and sustainability.

We understand social responsibility as a strategy integrated in our company and guided by the principles of willingness, transparency and sustainability, allowing us to become a changemaker and generate value for all our stakeholders and for society in general.

We rely on our commitment to innovation to promote a more sustainable construction, get involved in those social priorities related to our sector and serve as an ethical and good governance model within the sector.

Our activities focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goals, to which end we work alongside other entities to promote projects and initiatives which can deal with current social problems and meet the expectations of future generations.

Célere Compromiso Areas

Education, Employability and Social Impact

Education, Employability and Social Impact

We collaborate with third sector entities, linking the know-how of Vía Célere with social priorities related to our sector. We focus our activity through two main lines of action:

1. Education and Employability: we support initiatives that promote innovation in construction, training actions for unemployed people in the sector and technical training and scholarships for students.


2. Social Impact: We focus on the most vulnerable groups of society and we respond, not only to the social commitment within Vía Célere, but also to some of the most pressing social issues such as the fight against poverty and social exclusion.


Education, Employability and Social Impact


· Initiatives with NGOs ·


· Thousand €/year in social projects ·


· Direct beneficiaries ·


· Corporative volunteering ·

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Throughout our commitment to innovation we improve our performance and our products, allowing us to be increasingly efficient and sustainable from an environmental perspective.

Our engagement in issues such as energy efficiency, BIM and industrialization in construction, among others, allows us to build in a more streamlined, sustainable manner, generating less waste and reducing levels of pollution while also improving energy savings.


Environmental sustainability


· Energy saving ·


· Reduced CO2 emissions ·


· Industrialised units ·


· Savings in waste ·



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