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Célere Méndez Álvaro Residential Estate classified as “Exceptional” at the design stage.

· December 12, 2017 |

  • The consultancy firm SMDOS has prepared a design verification report that will help the development obtain the seal of approval as a “Healthy and Safe Residential Development”, upon completion.
  • This certificate accredits that good practices have been followed during the design, sale and handover, ensuring health and safety.

Vía Célere, which specialises in real estate development, investment and management, has received from the consultancy firm SMDOS, the “Preliminary Design Verification Report”, which should ensure that the Célere Méndez Álvaro Residential Complex receives the classification of “Exceptional” upon completion. This seal of approval certifies that the complex is a “Healthy and Safe Residential Development”, that the corresponding requirements have been met and that good practices have been followed during the design, sale and handover, ensuring health and safety.

The “Preliminary Design Verification Report” certifies that the health and safety of the employees, service providers and future owners of the Vía Célere development in Méndez Álvaro, is guaranteed.

The consultancy classified the development as “Exceptional” at the design stage, after analysing different parameters, such as accessibility, coordination of corporate activities, self-protection, public cardiac resuscitation equipment, effects on the environment, functions and materials, as well as other factors affecting safety, environmental health, water installations, etc. As a result, having obtained this classification at this first stage, the Residential Development Célere Méndez Álvaro also stands a very good chance of receiving the “Exceptional” classification during the handover stage, once the elements analysed in the verification process have been completed.

As Cristina Ontoso, the Director of Sales, Marketing, Communications and Customer Service, says: Being eligible for the “Exceptional” classification makes us proud because it confirms that we’re doing things properly and it reminds us that we have to keep up the high standards that have always defined Vía Célere”.

“We at Vía Célere are very thorough and we have always thought it better to have an external consultancy confirm the quality of our work in terms of health and safety as well as in terms of innovation. This is why we considered SMDOS to be the perfect partner given their very high and rigorous standards and measuring processes”, concludes Cristina Ontoso.

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