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Vía Célere, única inmobiliaria seleccionada para los premios nacionales de marketing

Vía Célere, the only real estate company selected for the national marketing awards

· March 26, 2018 |

Vía Célere's experiential office, a pioneer in its sector, has been nominated for the National Marketing Awards, which announce the winner of the award on 7 June at the Hipódromo de la Zarzuela. From the 254 nominees submitted in the 4 categories, the organisation has selected just 60 (15 for each category) including our company, the only real estate company among the candidates.

In the category of innovation, Vía Célere will compete with companies such as: Aegon, Audi, BBVA, Evo Banco, Gonvarri Steel Services, Grupo Restalia, Hot Potatoes, Mc Donalds, Nissan, Real Jardín Botánico, Samplia Media SL, Sanitas SA de Seguros, Totto and Trive.

Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Manager of Vía Célere, said: "Being among the 15 best candidates in the innovation category is a great source of pride for us because it reflects the results of all the efforts we are making at Via Célere in this area. In addition, we trust and believe that it will affect the transformation of the real estate sector in Spain."

“Vía Célere's experiential office is the result of many hours of effort by a multidisciplinary team that has worked so that clients can connect with their future home through a sensory journey that includes the five senses” concluded Cristina Ontoso.

Vía Célere opened its first experiential office in Célere Magoria. Later, the Célere Méndez Álvaro development office opened its doors and in November 2017 Célere Cortijo Norte, the first industrialised experiential office in the sector, was opened. Since the opening of the first experiential office, more than 2,207 people have been able to "feel", "see", "smell", and "touch" the products.

 You can consult the list of finalists at:  http://bit.ly/2uk9DCb 

Visit the Vía Célere pressroom at: https://www.viacelere.com/

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