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At Vía Célere we have character. A pioneering character in the innovative development of our products, a social and sustainable character in our contribution to the sector, and a committed character in the orientation to our customers

And if these are the hallmarks of our project, the professional development of our employees is the hallmark of our team. We aspire to lead the residential market and we have good reasons for this: extensive experience in the handover of residential developments, and a team of representatives, architects and a construction team who take care of every detail. Because being part of a team with a common mission is of great value. But being part of one with commitment and enthusiasm for that mission is even more so. That's why we focus on them and are committed to them.

And all this led by an expert, rigorous management team, which is also young and personal.

Management team

Miguel Ángel González

Chief Business Officer

Julio García

Chief Operations Officer

Aurelio Diez

General Director for Land

Aurora Mata

Director of Corporate Legal and Compliance

Montse Sánchez

HR Director

Laura Casanueva

Territorial Director of the Center

Almudena Guerra

North Territorial Director

José Ortiz

South Territorial Director

Roberto Blanco

Territorial Director Catalonia, Levante and the Balearic Islands