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Vía Célere reinforces its financial strength by refinancing a syndicated loan and entering into the Alternative Fixed Income Market (MARF).

The company has closed the agreement to modify its syndicated loan of 193 million euros, extending the date when due until the end of 2021.

· 2020-07-02 | Expansión

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Vía Célere registers an increase of 189% in sales last month

During this period, Vía Célere has received a greater number of contacts from customers than that registered before the start of the state of alarm.

· 2020-06-30 |

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Decalogue of tips to achieve greater energy savings during summer

Alternatives to air conditioning, checking your contracted energy supply or low-consumption appliances are some recommendations from Vía Célere.

· 2020-06-18 | Inmodiario

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Jose Ignacio Morales Plaza

Chief Executive Officer

icon lifestyle

Teresa Marzo

Chief Business Officer

icon lifestyle

Rosa Peña

Chief Operational Officer

icon lifestyle

Jaime Churruca

Chief Operational Officer

icon lifestyle

Aurora Mata

Corporate Head of Legal and Compliance

icon lifestyle

Cristina Ontoso

Head Of Marketing, Communication, Comercial and Customer Service Deparment

icon lifestyle

Montse Sánchez

Head of Human Resources

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Laura Casanueva

Territorial Director for the centre sector

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Almudena Guerra

Territorial Director for the northern sector

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José Ortiz

Territorial Director for the southern sector

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Roberto Blanco

Territorial Director for Catalonia, Eastern and Balearic Island

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Francisco Carmona

Territorial Director for Portugal

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Aurelio José Díez

Director of Land

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Laura Monzón

Projects Director

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