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Vía Célere receives the OCARE award for its communication work in CSR

Finalist in several categories and runner-up for the best listening and dialogue system with the campaign “Ellas lo bordan para Vía Célere”.

· 2018-11-15 | Vía Célere

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Vía Célere presents MagicHouse, an innovative housing concept that modifies space and adapts to each situation

The promoter, the first in the sector to introduce this concept in Spain, has invested €1,250,000 in the development and commercialization of an initial phase of eight houses of this type in its Célere Las Rosas development.

· 2018-11-07 | Europapress

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73% of Spaniards who live in rented accommodation have considered buying a home

• 84% of Spaniards say they feel satisfied with their current home, where location and price are the most influential factors in the purchase process.

· 2018-10-10 |

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Jose Ignacio Morales Plaza

Consejero Delegado

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Elena Gallo

Chief Corporate Officer

icon lifestyle

Miguel Pinto

Chief Strategy Officer

icon lifestyle

Teresa Marzo

Chief Business Officer

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Rosa Peña

Directora General de Operaciones

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Jaime Churruca

Director de Relaciones con los Inversores

icon lifestyle

Cristina Ontoso

Directora de Marketing, Comunicación, Comercial y Atención al Cliente

icon lifestyle

Carlos Valdés

SCR and Head of Via Célere Foundation

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Sandra Llorente

Head of Innovation and Industralization

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Montse Sánchez

Head of Human Resources

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Laura Casanueva

Territorial Director for the centre sector

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Almudena Guerra

Territorial Director for the northern sector

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José Ortiz

Territorial Director for the southern sector

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Roberto Blanco

Territorial Director for Catalonia, Eastern and Balearic Island

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Francisco Carmona

Territorial Director for Portugal

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