A thermographic analysis shows the excellent insulation of the facade of the Residential complex Célere Rivas

Quality in insulation and carpentry and low air infiltrations. These are the conclusions drawn from the thermographic analysis of the facades and the Blower Door Test carried out on the facades of the Residential Complex Célere Rivas, one of the recently concluded promotions of Vía Célere, promoter specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets.

With both tests the company wanted to verify that its facades meet the necessary qualities so our customers enjoy the greatest level of comfort.

According to Teresa Marzo, General Business Director at Vía Célere, “the thermographic analysis of our facades, as is the case of Residencial Célere Rivas, has confirmed the low rates of energy losses through the façade. This we have achieved thanks to the quality of the insulation and carpentry we use in our buildings. “

“We have also verified, through the cutting-edge technology offered by the Blower Door Test, that our homes have very low air infiltrations, which will ensure that the future owners of the Residential Complex Célere Rivas will spend less on heating or air conditioning” concludes Teresa Marzo.

After all these checks and measurements, the Residential Complex Célere Rivas has the A energy rating, a fact that represents an estimated energy saving of 89%. Through the low CO2 emissions, and a reduction in the energy demand of the building, thanks, in large part to the quality of the facades, an annual saving of €800 is obtained, taking as reference a house with an F energy rating.

Cristina Ontoso, Commercial Director, Marketing and Customer Service says “through innovative systems, at Vía Célere we have always looked for comfort in our homes and energy savings that, in addition to economic savings, is important for our environment.”

Residencial Célere Rivas is a residential complex composed of 22 homes, all of them with 3 bedrooms. In addition, its common areas have large gardens, a pool, social-gourmet room, a rubber-floored playground and parking for bicycles.