According to a survey made on owners of the Célere Embajadores development, 94% state that having an A energy rating is essential for the environment

  • Savings (32%), comfort (29%) and insulation (19%) are the advantages that the owner values ​​the most when having a home equipped with an A energy rating.
  • 77% of respondents confirmed that the thermal comfort of their new home was better than their previous home.
  • As for economic savings, 61% said they have experienced considerable savings on their bills.

Economic savings (32%), comfort (29%) and insulation (19%) are the characteristics most valued by the owners of Célere Embajadores about the advantages of having an A energy rating in their homes. Likewise, 94% of respondents confirm that having an A energy rating is essential for the environment. These are the main conclusions of the survey participated in by the owners of the Célere Embajadores development by Vía Célere’s, promoter specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets.

On the other hand, when assessing thermal comfort in your home compared to your previous home, 77% claimed to have a better comfort, compared to 16% who said it was similar. And in terms of economic savings, the number of owners who say they had perceived a considerable decline in the cost of their bill exceeds 61%.

The reason being in buildings with A energy ratings, if you make good use of the devices, you hardly notice the external temperature changes when the thermostat is programmed (74%). In addition, with double flow ventilation systems, 81% of respondents say that it is no longer necessary to open the windows as often as with homes with lower energy rating.

In fact, Vía Célere was a pioneer in the sector in including the A energy rating in most of its promotions since the launch of Célere Embajadores. This rating represents an estimated energy saving of 89%, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 89% and a significant reduction in the energy demand of the development: heating, cooling and sanitary hot water, specifically by 60%. With this, an economic saving equivalent to € 1,324 per year is calculated if we take an energy rating house F as a reference.

Usability of the devices is also a topic of interest for the owners who confirm (68% of the respondents) that the new systems of double flow ventilation, underfloor heating, air conditioning or thermostats, are very easy to use.

We are really pleased that our customers value positively Vía Célere’s efforts in terms of energy savings. It is a commitment to the comfort, convenience and savings of the owners and, of course, to something that is in our DNA here at Via Célere: the constant search for innovative solutions that respect the environment such as obtaining the A energy rating  “, concludes Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director of Vía Célere