First-time buyers without children: The profile of property buyers in Spain

  • 61.9% of buyers were making the purchase to improve on the conditions or space in their current residence

The majority of buyers in Spain are people without children looking to buy their first home and to improve on the conditions of their current residence. This is the main finding of the study conducted by Vía Célere based on answers from customers who bought their home from us during 2019.

According to data from the company specialising in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, the main reason for buying a home is to improve quality of life and to find a better place to live, as stated by 61.90% of buyers. Meanwhile, 23.1% made the decision in order to relocate and 6.4% did so to be nearer family or friends.

Furthermore, in most cases, 53.2%, Vía Célere customers had not previously bought a home, while 22.7% of them said that their new purchase was a replacement home. Meanwhile, 14.3% made the purchase in order to have a second home while 8.8% made it as an investment. The remaining 1% said that the home would be used for a professional activity or other uses.

In addition, the study conducted by Vía Célere showed that more than one third of buyers, 36.8%, did not have any children. Meanwhile, the percentage of those who have one child is 25.7%, while families with two children who have bought a home represented 29.3%, 7.1% had three and only 1.1% said that they had more than three.

Family size has generally affected the type of home preferred by buyers. According to data from Vía Célere, Spanish people prefer three-bedroom homes, as they were sought by 46.2% of them. 13.1% preferred 4-bedroom homes and 23% those with two, while 3.2% said that they were looking for a home with one bedroom or less and 5.3% wanted five or more. Finally, 4% said that they were looking for a home with either two or three bedrooms and 4.1% wanted three or four. In addition, 1.1% of Vía Célere customers stated that they were looking for a home irrespective of the number of bedrooms.

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