Geothermal energy saves more than 25% on the electricity bill of Célere Villaverde

  • The Vía Célere building has managed to reduce its electricity consumption with the application of this clean energy system compared to another building with an A energy rating and a gas boiler.

The application of geothermal energy by Vía Célere, a developer specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has led to energy savings of over 25% in its Célere Villaverde development. This figure, obtained in comparison with another promotion with similar characteristics but using a gas boiler, has been obtained based on a study carried out during the winter months.

This saving is further accentuated when comparing developments with lower energy rating. In this sense, the Célere Villaverde promotion has achieved an 89% saving in electricity consumption compared to an F energy rating development.

To achieve this efficiency in electricity consumption, Vía Célere has applied geothermal energy, a renewable energy that uses the heat of the earth to control the temperature of the home –through underfloor heating- and domestic hot water. In addition, with the application of this system, the company has managed to free up more space in homes for its customers by eliminating boilers and radiators, a greater sense of comfort by more efficiently distributing heat throughout the home and a reduction in the costs of maintenance and supply of gas and air conditioning.

“Geothermal energy is the result of our innovative efforts, with it not only do we achieve a more ecological and sustainable environment, but we also multiple benefits for our customers, such as savings on their electricity bills,” says Miguel Pinto, Chief Strategy Officer at Via Célere. “Villaverde is only one of our examples, but we have applied geothermal energy to many of our developments, including the recently launched, Célere Móstoles, which received a visit by dignitaries from the Madrid city council to see first-hand how it works and try to promote the use of this clean energy in more buildings in the region”, adds Pinto.

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