Horto Vernissage Best International Project at the 2013 ASPRIMA SIMA Awards

The International Real Estate Awards ASPRIMA-SIMA, held annually have turned into a reference in the real estate sector. Aimed at obtaining public recognition for the best performances and initiatives in the field of residential development and non-residential, rehabilitation, they have launched two new categories that will reward the best initiatives for promoting the rental market and energy rehabilitation of buildings.

Horto Vernissage inaugurates the concept UP HOUSE, large common areas and unbeatable views in a multi-residential building. In total 38 homes distributed over 19 floors. Surface areas are around 140 m2 of one type with 3 bedrooms plus 2-3 parking spaces per house. As usual in projects by Via Célere, the residential complex offers innovative facilities and common areas both to enjoy sport at home or hold parties or relax in the fantastic spa. Luxury with breathtaking views.