If you could choose a smell for your home, what would you choose? Allow us to introduce our Vía Célere odotype

At Vía Célere, since our creation over 10 years ago, we have opted for differentiation and innovation, giving a different and unique vision for our clients who trust in the company. Our goal is to be the reference real estate company in Spain and therefore we like to offer as an added value all kinds of advances that make us unique.

Seeking to create innovative sensations for users, we set up our experiential offices, which contain a circuit in which in addition to knowing what your next home will be like, you can use all five senses to make the visit more stimulating and complete your perception.

We are now going one step further with the creation of the Vía Célere odotype, by which you can recognize us through a smell. Our smell is called Exotic Citrus and we wanted it to reflect some of the values that best identify us.

Our odotype is a predominantly citrus aroma that reinforces our fresh and young nature, based on bergamot, lemon, orange and mint. This is supported by the core notes of rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds and carnations. To end with a background note that gives glamour, and that noble touch of things done correctly that amber adds, alongside oak moss, musk, green tea and cloves.

The Vía Célere odotype is a refreshing citrus fragrance, with green touches that brings with it the breezes of summer. It contains a floral explosion of jasmine and carnations in long summer days. Stimulate your senses with woody, musky and spicy notes that will leave you completely calm, both outside and inside.