Magic in the windows and tears on seeing their home for the first time, these are some of the stories from sales representatives in the real estate sector

The real estate sector covers a wide variety of professions, all of which are essential for carrying out the sector’s activity. Sales representatives are one of those groups necessary not only to carry out the sale of the homes built by developers, but also to advise customers and guarantee them the best possible experience.

It is precisely due to their constant dealings with users that these teams often find themselves in situations that, to a great extent, can be funny or unusual. For this reason, Vía Célere, specialising in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, wishes to pay tribute to its sales representatives by collecting stories about some of the main things that have happened to them in recent year.

“Our sales representatives tell us about many situations which, sometimes, border on the comical, such as a car that got stuck in the gravel of the car park and the workmen had to go and give them a push to get it out. However, without a doubt, the stories that we remember most fondly are those in which they witness the excitement of the future owners because buying a home, especially when it is the first time, is an important event in the lives of many people”, explained Cristina Ontoso, Commercial and Marketing Director at Vía Célere.

In this respect, the development team of Célere Magoria in Barcelona, remember a “British couple who came accompanied by the young woman’s father. Before we opened the door we could tell that they were excited, but on seeing them go in and run around all the rooms we saw how genuinely thrilled they were, they looked like children. To round off such a magic moment, the father got out two bottles of champagne for a toast, with us too. It is one of the most emotional handovers that I can remember”.

On many occasions, throughout the purchasing process, parents try to get their children involved, bringing them along on visits so that they can get an idea of what their new room will be like or the common areas that they will have. So a lot of them are interested in the colours, materials or simply in seeing the cranes in the distance. “A child of some our customers was enthralled with the window insulation because it blocks out all the outside noise. To such an extent that we found him a few days later trying to get into the show home so that his friends could see the magic that these windows can do”.

“There are so many processes, conversations and queries that can arise during the purchasing process that sometimes we end up practically as friends”, continued Ontoso. In this respect, many Vía Célere professionals, as a show of thanks for all the care they have received, have received some very special gifts. “I had a customer who, as well as being a coordinator for art exhibitions, worked with precious metals and she gave me a pendant with the Tree of Life that she had made”, said one.

“I treasure a book given to me by a customer. She told me that she was a gynaecologist and also a writer and, on one of the visits, she brought me one of her books with a very positive message: it was dedicated to all women, to the strength that we have”, explained a member of the Célere Diagonal Port team.

Situations which, experienced over the years, lead to each development being remembered in a different way through its own history.

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