Orange Meeting Point is born: the start of internal communication at Vía Célere

Why has this internal communication campaign been launched?

At Vía Célere we are already developing internal actions aimed at our employees. However, during June we wanted to boost these actions and create an internal communication model to meet the company’s requirements.

Talent, motivation, interpersonal relations and employees’ needs are the pillars on which this campaign is based.

As a result of this campaign the Company has created what we call Orange Meeting Pointwhich is the new internal communication at Vía Célere.

How were our employees informed about Orange Meeting Point?

This project was launched through a teaser campaign or pre-launch campaign. The main objective consisted of offering fragmented information with the development of puzzles for employees. They showed that they were interested in the concept and expectant about solving the mystery.

What phases has Orange Meeting Point been divided into?

Orange Meeting Point has been divided into three phases. Each of them has lent weight to one of the pillars of the company’s new internal communication.

In the first phase, The Mystery, three people dressed in orange appeared at the Vía Célere central office to present the orange concept to employees. Célere Boxes filled with breakfast and stickers were also distributed in all Vía Célere offices in Spain. The purpose of this phase was to break down barriers, innovate and discover each person’s talent. Everyday life can prevent us from really getting to know the people that we work with. Through various theatre techniques colleagues did their best and showed off their talent to everyone else.

Fase 1. El Misterio

In the second phase, Talent, the aim was to look at little more closely at everyone, bring out the positive qualities that define us, know what people think of us and show ourselves just as we are. This took place through a Focus Group, in which comparisons were made between elements related to Vía Célere and its business, working on the links and connections, both professional and personal, which make us shine.

In the third and final phase, we worked on the Value of People. The aim was to demonstrate the importance of each person as an essential element for the company to work. “We are all pieces of a puzzle that fits together and works for goals and rewards”. This was been done through an Escape Room, which sought to promote good teamwork and the importance of joining together to work on personal relationships between departments.

At the end of this phase, the mystery was solved: the presentation of Orange Meeting Point as the company’s new internal communication. An orange movement was created, both in the central office and in the offices in other parts of Spain.

From now on, internal communication at Vía Célere will be represented with an orange dot, which means union, meeting, connection, reference and a “we are all involved”. This project, which started in June, will continue with new actions to continue working on talent and human value to continue fulfilling this goal of a feeling of belonging to the company, because in the end, the best ambassadors of a brand are its own employees.