Spatium by SMDos® rates the Célere Cortijo Norte Residential Complex as an Excellent Development in the Design Phase

  • If what has been analysed comes to fruition, it will obtain a score of 95%, corresponding to an Excellent rating.
  • Thus, after the Handover Phase and as long as all the parameters analysed are met, an Excellent rating will be obtained for the residential complex, the company explained.

SMDos, consultancy firm specializing in  Health and Safety advisory services since 2001, in the construction sector as well as in asset management, has rated the Célere Cortijo Norte Residential Complex, designed by Vía Célere, as an Excellent Development in the Design Phase.

The Spatium by SMDos® “Safe and Healthy” certification, created by SMDos and endorsed by the international certifier IMQ, confirms good practices in design, marketing and handover in relation to people’s health, safety and well-being.

The rating, which corresponds to the Design Phase of the residential complex designed by Vía Célere, gives a score of 95% “if everything analysed comes to fruition”, a score that corresponds to a rating of Excellent. Thus, if the score is maintained after the Handover Phase because all the parameters analysed have been met, the Célere Cortijo Norte Residential Complex “will obtain an Excellent rating”, the company explained.

Vía Célere is a real estate company specializing in the development, investment and management of residential assets. Thanks to its innovative business model and a team of professionals, Via Célere is now one of the benchmark companies in the new real estate environment and cycle.

Spatium: Safety guaranteed

Since its creation in 2017, the Spatium by SMDos® conformity mark, which clearly focuses on the user, has three main objectives:

  1. To objectively demonstrate the guarantees towards the user of the property in this area, creating safer, healthier and friendlier environments.
  2. To promote and verify good practices in the exploitation of real estate, from Health and Safety.
  3. To achieve a decrease in potential risks to users of these spaces.

At the same time, an exclusive differentiating element is added to the spaces, reinforcing the property’s brand image through an innovative conformity mark.

About SMDos

Since 2001, SMDos has been a benchmark in the area of occupational risk prevention. The company has evolved qualitatively to be considered one of the benchmark consulting firms in this area.

This success, shared with its more than 4,500 customers and 3,200 commissions, is consolidated in a specialized Human Resources system. The company has more than 80 technicians qualified as Industrial Engineers, Technical Architects, etc. to meet its customers’ needs.

Its know-how certified by its experience and by the ISO 9001 standard, managed by the Technical Management, allow it to offer a homogeneous service in any location, being continuously supplied by an extensive internal training program.

The company has the largest Public Liability insurance policy on the market. In its national coverage, SMDos has qualified technicians in all the autonomous communities, allowing it to pay close attention to its customers, and knowing the idiosyncrasies of each area.

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