Vía Célere advances in its commitment to accessibility with the implementation of the AIS certification in Célere Barajas

  • The Foundation for Accessibility and Social Responsibility has been involved in the construction process since the start of the project.

Vía Célere, real estate developer specializing in the development, investment and management of residential assets, has taken a step further on the road to universal accessibility of construction, by signing an agreement with the Foundation for Accessibility and Social Responsibility. With this agreement, the company intends to implement  the international accessibility certification AIS (Accessibility Indicator System) in its future promotions, for which it will carry out a pilot study in the Célere Barajas development, currently in the project phase.

The Accessibility Indicator System (AIS), evolution of the previous DIGA system (Distinctive Indicator of the Degree of Accessibility), is the only international standard that certifies, from one to five stars, the level of accessibility of spaces, services and products, and rates their usability, comfort and safety conditions. AIS is the first System for Harmonized Standards of Voluntary Application in Accessibility, which conceives accessibility in an integral way and as another dimension of the social responsibility of companies, public and private entities and private individuals.

This way, Via Célere has become the first company in the real estate sector to implement AIS certification in one of its buildings. However, this mark is endorsed and used by more than 700 companies and entities in sectors such as retail, social care or leisure, to rate their degree of accessibility.

Through the implementation of this certification, Vía Célere continues to focus on the creation of more usable, comfortable and safe environments for all, as well as the universalization of accessibility in building. This commitment was already reflected in the boost the developer gave to the project “Easy Space”, in collaboration with other social entities, to promote cognitive accessibility in environments and buildings.

In the words of Esther Bienes Pinedo, President of the Foundation for Accessibility and Social Responsibility, “AIS is the first Harmonized and Voluntary Accessibility Standard that complies with the principles of free movement required by both the European Union and the International Community”

For their part, Laura Monzón, Director of Projects at Vía Célere states that “For Vía Célere, the main objective is for accessibility in our developments to go beyond what the regulations indicate. Therefore, we aspire to implement all aspects of usability necessary to allow anyone to enjoy their home and common areas regardless of their condition”.

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