Vía Célere closed the year by attending Cotec: a meeting of benchmark companies in the innovation sector.

On 23rd and 24th November last year, at the Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre, Imperdible_03, the third edition of Cotec’s flagship innovation event was held. An event which, every year, covers a new relevant theme in this field and which aims to bring innovation to all audiences, by generating experiences and emotions.

On this occasion, the central theme was the future of cities, something that Vía Célere firmly believes and promotes through the development of housing that is increasingly more sustainable and efficient with the environment and society.

At the event, the main challenges faced by cities were analysed from four perspectives:

  • Mobility and sustainability: as a focus to improve traffic management and pollution
  • Urban planning and housing: through the implementation of increasingly efficient materials and new lighting systems
  • Inclusion and coexistence
  • Public policies and citizen participation to reach the objectives described above

The participants of this third edition include Vía Célere, Naturgy, Seat, Ferrovial, Talgo and Facebook, among many others.

From Vía Célere we present MagicHouse, a house for every moment and the play “Vives aquí vs Aquí vives” representing the evolution of the benefits of a home in the past and a current home.


You can watch a video summarizing our initiatives aqui