Vía Célere continues to revolutionise the concept of a communal area

  • The real estate developer has designed innovative communal areas that have all the conveniences a person could need, without having to leave the complex: a playroom for children recreated as a spaceship, a study room, a gym and a social-gourmet club room.
  • These spaces are part of the Célere Villaverde Residential Complex located in the municipality of Villaverde Alto, on C/ San Jenaro, No 3.
  • The keys to the development shall be handed over in September 2018, from which time the owners can begin enjoying all the novelties.

Vía Célere, which specialises in real estate development, investment and management, is known for the quality and innovation in all its projects. In this case, the communal areas of the Célere Villaverde Residential Estate are emblematic of these values. Access to the conveniences of a city without having to leave the home: a playroom for children that recreates outer space with a spaceship installation, a social-gourmet club room with a modern and cutting-edge design, a study room built in the style of a library, or a gym with all the equipment necessary to practice sport and stay in shape. These facilities are all available at Residencial Célere Villaverde, situated on C/ San Jenaro, No 3, in Villaverde Alto.

As part of its commitment to creating and developing innovative spaces that fulfil its clients’ needs, Vía Célere continues to revolutionise the concept of the communal area, by offering future owners different alternatives so they can enjoy their free time as much as possible, in an original manner, without having to leave the complex. The children’s playroom is one of the main novelties, with highly realistic decorations inspired by NASA and a recreational area where soft drinks or coffees can be consumed, as well as a recreation of spaceship, in which the children can play and imagine themselves travelling to the moon. The room is equipped with everything they could need, from astronaut suits to walls decorated with images of space to a control deck.

Sala de Jueg

On another note, the study room has been designed to help concentration and stimulate study as though it were an actual library. With simple but modern decoration, the room includes long tables, table lamps and school materials.

Sala de Estudio

For the adult residents, there is a fully equipped gym, so they can practice sport and keep fit without having to leave the complex. The gym contains latest-generation machinery, such as running machines, punching bags, rest areas, stationary bikes and a free exercise zone. Other novelties include the social-gourmet club room equipped with everything required to enjoy celebrations and hold meetings, in a unique environment designed down to the last detail in a minimalist and cutting-edge style, like a top modern restaurant. Furthermore, the Célere Villaverde Residential Estate also has a swimming pool for adults, a sports track and children’s play area.

sala social gourmet

According to Cristina Ontoso, Vía Célere’s Director of Sales, Marketing, Communications and Customer Service: “At Vía Célere, we do not think of a home as simply somewhere to live; instead, we design spaces so that people can enjoy their leisure time without having to leave the complex. In addition, each project first has to pass through a development process in which we constantly try to innovate. In this case, the result has been a residential complex with extraordinary communal areas designed both for adults and the younger ones in the family. The conveniences of a city without having to leave the home.”