Vía Célere focuses on smart homes with the incorporation of Amazon Alexa in its future homes

  • The developer thus becomes the first company in its sector to incorporate Amazon Alexa technology in its developments, with devices developed by SPC
  • With this project, Vía Célere once again reinforces its ambition to remain the industry leader in innovation and is committed to promoting the transition to the cities of the future.

Vía Célere, a developer specialized in the development, investment and management of residential assets, will incorporate Amazon’s voice service, Alexa, into their homes. In this way, it becomes the first Spanish developer to add this technology to its promotions.

This new function, which will be included in several of the developments that the company will deliver before the end of the year, allows its inhabitants to control elements of both the house (such as the lights) and external elements (for example, the reservation of communal areas ).

To make this a reality, the homes will also come with a Smart Home kit, compatible with Amazon Alexa, which comprises the Amazon Echo dot speaker, as well as other smart devices such as light bulbs and sockets. Additionally, Vía Célere has exclusively developed an Alexa skill , with which each of the residents of the development will be able to ask for and manage the services of the communal areas of their home. Furthermore, since Alexa is a cloud service, its functions and skills are constantly evolving, so Vía Célere is already working to incorporate new voice control functions in the future.

These devices have been developed by the Spanish technology SPC and are fully compatible with each other and with Alexa. 

In addition, from a single app (SPC IoT) you can configure both plugs and smart bulbs (included in the pack) to create experiences and enjoy an authentic smart home with Alexa.

On top of that, Vía Célere has also reached an agreement with Amazon.es to facilitate the transition to the smart home for developments that have already been handed over. In this way, and through the web (Amazon.es/viacelere), Vía Célere customers will be able to purchase various smart home kits under better conditions, or complete the ones they will find in their new homes.

Commitment to innovation

With the incorporation of Alexa and the agreement with Amazon.es, one of the most important technology companies in the world, Vía Célere continues adding new milestones to its more than 40 innovations and 10 R&D certificates obtained since 2012 and reinforcing its ambition to remain the industry leader in this field. 

Searching for new ways to make the lives of its customers more comfortable and simple is one of the company’s fundamental objectives, and one of the reasons why it is so clearly committed to innovation. The result of these efforts are some of the innovations that it has introduced into the Spanish residential market, such as its ground-breaking communal areas, an invisible air conditioning system, dual-flow ventilation or smart mailboxes.

According to Teresa Marzo, CEO of Vía Célere business “our company is always at the forefront of innovations in the real estate sector and we try to contribute everything possible to facilitate a quick and smooth transition to the cities of the future. Thanks to Alexa, and being in conjunction with a partner such as prestigious as Amazon, we have managed to take a giant leap and position ourselves at the forefront of the path to Smart Homes

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