Vía Célere, ideal homes for the little ones to enjoy a great summer

Summer is here and the little ones have all day to make the most of their free time with their friends and family. With the warmer weather, a variety of activities is necessary so that children can enjoy themselves and have fun in a controlled space. Vía Célere has gone much further than this with its offer of communal areas providing in its residential complexes a wide range of options for children; among which are the following; swimming pool, children’s playground, games rooms, paddle tennis court, sports court, green areas, cinema and even bicycle parking.

An outstanding feature is their indoor play areas recreated in a world of fantasy in which little ones will have fun while developing their imagination to the maximum simulating a trip to space, a visit to the supermarket or a walk in the woods.

In its residential complexes, Vía Célere also offers outdoor spaces where children can enjoy outdoor games, organise a tournament in the paddle tennis courts or play a variety of sports on their sports courts. Similarly, the children of the house have a playground and pools especially for them, where they can cool off safely during the summer.

Likewise, the developer’s residential complexes have a study room, where they can have a space to do summer homework. In this sense, they have an environment designed to encourage concentration and stimulate study, with a modern and balanced decoration that incorporates worktables, reading lamps and school equipment