Vía Célere inaugurates its Spotify channel

At Vía Célere we want to continue adding moments that connect us in our daily lives and with our mood. Which is why last November we inaugurated our Spotify channel: Vía Célere.

With a total of 14 playlists so far, you can find all music genres and eras in “Classic hits”, music for those moments when you need to relax or concentrate on the activity you are doing with “Relax – Study Room and Study Hall”, music for your events, whether it’s a “House Party” or a “Gathering at home with friends”, music that helps you start the day with energy with “Waking up early with positive energy” or the most played tunes at themed parties such as “Halloween”, “Afterwork” or “Christmas lunch”.

Whatever your style, there is a Via Célere playlist for you. What are you waiting for to press play? Discover them all by clicking here