Vía Célere Innovation Room: Aerothermal and Geothermal Systems

Finding the perfect temperature at home, in winter and summer, has led to the development of efficient systems for this purpose. We are talking about Aerothermal Systems, a technology that mainly uses energy from the air to heat the rooms. It is used in underfloor heating and cooling systems, in low temperature heating systems as well as for domestic hot water production, achieving savings of up to 75%.

Aerothermal systems offer comfort benefits because they are able to provide heating, cooling and hot water, achieving the perfect temperature throughout the year with a comfortable environment and good air quality, as well as economic benefits because they represent large savings in the electricity bill thanks to the use of natural energy from renewable free sources and environmental benefits because it is a highly sustainable and efficient technology that multiplies the equipment’s performance and reduces indirect CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energies.

Another relatively new type of implementation in our country is Geothermal energy, energy from the heat contained in our subsoil. It is therefore a clean, free and, of course, inexhaustible energy, which is why it is called renewable.

The geothermal air conditioning in residential buildings meets the demand for heating, cooling and domestic hot water using the great thermal inertia of the subsoil. For this, a heat pump is installed, which is a thermal machine that allows energy to be transferred in the form of heat from one environment to another as required.

In the case of Vía Célere homes, we complement this solution with an underfloor heating and cooling distribution system using water, which requires very low flow temperatures, making the system even more efficient.

If all this is reinforced with dual-flow ventilation systems with heat recovery and highly insulated enclosures, obtaining the best energy rating, that is, A.  This ventilation system guarantees perfect quality of indoor air and allows us to recover the heat from the extracted air. There is no need to open the windows, meaning no dust, noise or odours.

Compared to a traditional system with natural gas and air conditioning, there are multiple advantages:

  • The distribution of heat and cold, as this is carried out through the floor, it is much more uniform and much more comfortable. There are no radiators to consider when furnishing, meaning zero use of useful area in the home. It is a much cleaner system and as it works at low temperatures it leads to an increase in the performance of the production system.
  • The system is centralized with individual metering, that is, each resident pays for what they consume.
  • There is no need for a boiler or gas supply, so we save one monthly bill, in addition to freeing up space in the kitchen or the utility area.
  • There is no need to install solar panels, because it is already a renewable energy, meaning less maintenance.

But this is not the only point in which we were pioneers. At Vía Célere innovation is in our DNA, discover this and all the other innovations carried out over the years at celereinnova.es