Vía Célere Innovation Room: Inclusive education

One of the points in which CSR focuses more closely is inclusive education, as it helps to reinforce the real estate sector’s social involvement with the most vulnerable sectors of society.

At Via Célere since 2016, initiatives have been promoted to strengthen the education and labour integration of groups with disabilities, such as the inclusive education project with Down Madrid and the Javeriana School in Madrid “Inclusive Vocational Training”.

This project, signed in September 2016, allows students with intellectual disabilities to access vocational training at the Javeriana Vocational Training School in Madrid, obtaining a graduate degree by passing exams and undertaking internships in companies starting in the second year.

In 2019, this project has advanced further through the implementation of an inclusive Dual Vocational Training pilot within the framework of the Dual Vocational Training Alliance, which enables students with intellectual disabilities in the Middle Level Administrative Management Training Cycle of the Javeriana Vocational Training School, to complete a six-month training stay as an apprentice of Dual Vocational Training in Vía Célere, where they receive tutored support from Down Madrid and a specific training itinerary.

This is the first time a person with intellectual disabilities has become part of a Dual Vocational Training programme.

It is a pioneering initiative that serves as an example to encourage other companies and educational centres to implement inclusive quality Dual VT projects.

But this is not the only point in which Vía Célere has been a pioneer. Discover all the actions carried out over the years at celereinnova.es