Vía Célere Innovation Room: Presence detectors

Presence detectors were installed in corridors and common areas of developments, allowing the lighting to come on when a room is occupied or when movements occur, and can lead to savings of over 30%.

Depending on the needs, we can implement a motion detector that detects a person when they are walking, its use is recommended in transit areas, corridors, halls on floors and accesses, both indoor and outdoor, or, a presence detector, which uses a high resolution that responds to much smaller movements, which is recommended for use in sedentary areas, such as bedrooms or offices as well as high ceilings.

In addition to controlling lighting, presence detectors control the heating or ventilation, depending on the presence, which is why they are also called occupancy sensors.

In Vía Célere developments, the application of motion detectors is combined with LED lighting, so that in addition to optimizing its use, consumption is also optimized while maintaining the comfort of the users in the developments.

But this is not the only point in which we were pioneers. At Vía Célere innovation is in our DNA, discover this and all the other innovations carried out over the years at celereinnova.es