Vía Célere launches a new free payment protection policy for its customers

  • In the event of an irrevocable circumstance, such as permanent absolute disability or death, the insurance covers the full payment of the outstanding amounts.

Vía Célere, specialising in real estate development, investment and management, has launched its new payment protection policy, with which it aims to give its customers more peace of mind and financial security when making the decision to purchase their home by insuring them against unforeseen personal circumstances.

With this new insurance, buyers will be sure that they will be able to continue meeting the pending deferred payments from the signing of the contract through to the delivery, even in the event that the family income suffers due to the unemployment situation of a worker with an open-ended contract, temporary incapacity or hospitalisation. Furthermore, if the circumstances are not temporary, as in a total permanent incapacity or due to death, the insurance will cover all the home’s pending payments.

The Vía Célere customers who can benefit from this service free of charge will be buyers of one of its homes in nine of its developments: Célere Montecillos, Célere Infanta IV, Célere Infanta V, Célere Nauta Moreras, Célere Eiris, Célere Mairena (phase II), Célere Citrus, Célere Jacaranda and Célere Mirabueno.

Our customers are our top priority. We know that the home buying process generates a lot of uncertainty and insecurity with respect to events that can affect the family’s financial stability, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, we want to give our customers peace of mind by protecting them with this insurance policy from all those potential events that could prevent them making their home payments”, says José Ignacio Morales Plaza, Vía Célere’s CEO.

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