Via Célere launches “Homes that save your life” as a method of prevention and health care for its customers

  • The developer is a pioneer in the launch of a common area that has the necessary equipment to perform basic health self-monitoring and the possibility of saving lives in cases of respiratory and cardiovascular accidents.
  • Vía Célere will also implement an anti-choking device in its future buildings. 

Vía Célere, specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, launches a new common area, which will be available in its future developments, with the aim of preventing and avoiding different ailments that are common among the Spanish population.

This announcement, prior to World Health Day on 7 April, has been included in the term “Homes that save your life”, reflecting the commitment the company had already made to its customers’ health care by including cardioprotection areas in its developments.

“Our customers are our priority. For this reason, we are always looking for new ways to improve their quality of life from our field of activity. With the implementation of the innovative concept of “homes that save your life” we provide you with the necessary tools to care for your health, prevent various conditions and act in case of choking or heart failure without leaving home”, explained Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director at Vía Célere.

This new common area will include everything from the most basic elements, such as a first aid kit, stretchers, blood pressure monitor and scales for babies and adults, to the most advanced devices such as defibrillators or the anti-choking device.

Vía Célere was the first company in Spain to implement disruptive common areas in its developments with the aim of making its customers’ lives more comfortable. With the concept of “Homes that save your life”, the developer is once again a pioneer and this common area is another of the company’s innovations, such as its social-gourmet room, guest house, hairdresser’s, cinema, children’s play room or study room, among others.

For now, the new room specializing in preventing and caring for the health of the residents of Vía Célere homes will be available at the Célere Cortijo Norte development. However, the developer has also announced that it will include the anti-choking device, along with the cardioprotection areas, in all its future buildings. This device prevents choking caused by obstructions in the throat through an easy to use mechanism and does not require assembly or the application of force.

“Choking is quite a common cause of death in Spain. Indeed, there are 2,336 deaths per year for this reason. Taking into account how easy it is to avoid these incidents with the anti-choking device, we believe it was our responsibility to include it in our developments to continue taking care of our customers”, said Cristina Ontoso.

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