Vía Célere launches two new developments in Madrid adding another 100 homes to its offer in the province

  • Among the offer available, Célere Infanta V includes, in addition to common areas, the Célere Wish functionality, through which residents can control both the inside and the outside of their homes using Amazon Alexa

Vía Célere has launched two new developments in Madrid, Célere Villaviciosa de Odón and Célere Infanta V, with 36 and 65 homes, respectively, giving the company 26 developments currently being marketed in the Community of Madrid and almost 2,000 homes.

“This new commitment from Vía Célere to Valdemoro and Villaviciosa de Odón is due to the ongoing search for locations that can best meet our customers’ needs. This is why we have increased our presence in these areas with two developments that include the features specific to our company, such as our disruptive common areas or a high energy rating”, explained Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director at Vía Célere.

First of all, Célere Infanta V meets the commitment that Vía Célere is making towards the municipality of Valdemoro and which is making it into one of the most attractive areas of Madrid. It is a development of 65 two, three and four-bedroom homes with terrace, storage area and parking space.

Among the main common areas it offers are the adult and children’s swimming pools and the multi-purpose sports court, two facilities with which the developer wishes to foster sport among its customers. It also has landscaped areas, a children’s play area and the social-gourmet room, an area where all kinds of events can be comfortably organised without having to do it at home.

In addition, to guarantee the health and safety of its customers, Vía Célere includes its innovative health area, which comes with an external defibrillator and  an anti-choking device.

And, in the search for the best conditions of use of these areas, Célere Infanta V will be one of the developments to include the Célere Wish functionality, the service developed in collaboration with Amazon Alexa through which residents can use their voice to control elements in their home, such as the lights, and outside it, such as reservation of the common areas. To do this, these homes will have a Smart Home kit, which is made up of Amazon Echo dot speaker, as well as other smart devices such as light bulbs and sockets.

Meanwhile, Célere Villaviciosa de Odón is a development located in the Monte de la Villa sector, close to the Santander Financial City and the City of the Image. An area very close to study areas such as the European University of Madrid and the Rey Juan Carlos University, and recreational areas such as restaurants or perimeter bike lanes.

It has a total of 36 semi-detached houses with 4 and 5 bedrooms, spread over two floors. In addition, they all come with three outdoor garage spaces, which gives greater convenience for residents.

And, to complete the Vía Célere offer, both developments have Energy Rating B, which leads to a significant reduction in electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, which also has a positive effect on the electricity bills of the residents of the developments. In this respect, this environmental awareness included in Vía Célere developments forms part of Célere Cities, the company’s plan to foster more modern and ecological cities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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