Vía Célere, leader of the Spanish residential sector with 30 innovation milestones

  • Innovation is part of the company’s essence. Vía Célere was a pioneer in creating an exclusive department for this activity and rewards workers who provide new ideas.
  • All the innovations can be consulted on the new website dedicated exclusively to the disruptive milestones that Vía Célere has produced since 2012.

Vía Célere is the most innovative residential real estate developer in Spain, with 30 new innovation milestones and 10 R&D certificates achieved since 2012. Since its creation in 2007, the developer has always opted for technological, conceptual and process disruption in all areas of the company.

This drive for innovation has led the company to be pioneers in its area of activity. Vía Célere was the first company in the sector to launch an exclusive department for this purpose and it has now reached such a size that it has been organized in 5 areas of action: Energy Efficiency, Lean Thinking (BIM+LPS), Industrialization, Smart Home and Design.

Another clear example of the importance that Vía Célere grants to innovation is that it develops it transversally in all its departments. For this, it has internal committees at all levels that encourage the creation of new proposals and prizes for the best ideas developed by its employees, no matter what department they are from.

 In the words of Miguel Pinto, Chief Strategy Officer at Vía Célere, “Innovation is an inseparable part of our essence, it is a fundamental part of our activity and a clear strategic commitment for the future. We believe that it is necessary to reinvent ourselves and to continue thinking every day about new faster, more efficient and safer ways to build the most comfortable homes for our customers. We are convinced that today’s disruptions will be essential elements in the future and, therefore, at Vía Célere we want to be the first to offer all these advantages to our users”. 

New website on innovation

In order to review all the steps it has taken so far, Vía Célere has launched a new website dedicated exclusively to technological, conceptual and social disruptions.  This way, the developer continues advancing in the importance it gives to innovation in its products and activity.

The website, which can now be viewed at www.celereinnova.es, with a visual and modern design, looks back at the different innovation milestones that have become the company’s hallmarks. These disruptive actions range from building design elements (such as the evolution in common areas), to methods and processes that make construction more efficient (BIM, Last Planner System, industrialization), including improving customer care (through consultative selling or the experiential and sensory sales offices).

Energy efficiency also plays a major role on the website through the implementation, among others, of new forms of energy (geothermal and aerothermal) or dual-flow ventilation. The implementation of these measures, along with others, has had a very positive impact on the environment, since, in four and a half years, Via Célere developments have saved the equivalent of travelling around the world by car 157 times.

Lastly, another of Vía Célere’s innovative elements lies in its social commitment, through programmes such as inclusive education or the development of cognitive accessibility. 

“With this web page, we not only give it the prominence it deserves, but also we proudly look back on the road we have travelled so far to continue innovating in the future”, said Pinto.

 MagicHouse, the first home in Spain that adapts throughout the day

The latest milestone in Vía Célere innovation has been the introduction in Spain of MagicHouse, a new concept of flexible housing that optimizes space and adapts to the use that its residents wants to give it depending on the time of day.

This new type of home, which will be implemented in the Célere Las Rosas development for the first time in Spain, has a mobile partition wall, called Easywall and developed by Vía Célere, and folding multipurpose convertible furniture integrated into the walls, so that the house can adapt to the use that its occupier requires at each time.

Commitment to Proptech

On the other hand, Via Célere continues to drive the transformation of the sector towards Proptech. The developer has reached a framework agreement with Parkingdoor to incorporate its system in all new developments. This method for opening garage doors, which has already been installed in Célere Villaverde, is managed through a mobile application, meaning different controls and keys are not necessary. 

Another new development that this system incorporates is the possibility of granting temporary or permanent access via smartphone or smartwatch to family and friends, making it easier to use and reducing time spent looking for parking.

This new agreement joins other measures that the developer had already implemented in its sales process (such as visits to pilot apartments using virtual reality), as well as in the actual developments (with the incorporation of home automation in homes, the creation of an app for the community of owners and citibox services).

Vía Célere, more than 10 years innovating

  • 40 innovations
  • + 1,000 customers benefiting from innovative housing
  • More than 180 innovation committees
  • 70 classes on innovation taught at the University
  • +800 students benefited.
  • More than 77 proposals submitted to the innovation awards for employees.
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