Via Célere obtains a net profit of 84 million in 2018, an increase of 163%

  • The company’s turnover increased by 172%, to 157 million Euros in 2018 and 334 homes were handed over last year. and a total of 600 homes if we include those handed over by AELCA.
  • After completing the integration of Aelca’s real estate assets, the company started 2019 as the largest Spanish residential developer by asset valuation, with land to build 24,500 homes in the markets with the highest demand, guaranteeing compliance with the strategic plan.

Vía Célere, specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, today announced the company’s results for the 2018 financial year. Vía Célere experienced strong growth last year, obtaining a net profit of 84 million Euros and a turnover of 157 million Euros, 163% and 172% more, respectively.

These results show not only the company’s strong growth over the last year but also the robustness of its business model. Via Célere handed over 334 homes last year throughout Spain, including: Célere Magoria (Barcelona), Célere Casa Vega (A Coruña) and Célere Villaverde (Madrid).

On the other hand, the EBITDA came to 6.2 million Euros. Also, in 2018 the value of the assets stock increased to 905 million Euros, compared to 764.1 million Euros the previous year.


According to Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, President and CEO of Vía Célere, “we are very proud of the results obtained by the company in 2018, which place Vía Célere as one of the undisputed leaders of the sector. I want to thank our customers and shareholders for the trust they have placed in the company, and the entire team of professionals for their effort and dedication in an increasingly competitive market context.”

“By 2019, we set ourselves the objective of continuing to promote the company’s growth throughout Spain, and the incorporation of additional innovations (such as the industrialization of multi-family developments) to continue advancing in our customers’ needs”, he emphasized.

After completing the integration of Aelca’s real estate assets (land and developments), Vía Célere faces 2019 as the largest Spanish real estate developer by asset valuation, with land to build 24,500 homes in the markets with the highest demand, guaranteeing compliance with the strategic plan. With this operation, Vía Célere also strengthens the diversification of its asset portfolio, with 38% of its assets in Madrid, 20% in Malaga, 11% in Barcelona, 9% in Seville, 5% in Valencia, and 17% in other provinces in the rest of Spain.

Vía Célere, at the forefront of the sector and promoting its evolution

Innovation is a fundamental part of the company’s activity and a clear strategic commitment for the future. Via Célere has further strengthened its ambition to be a leader in the innovation sector, seeking to add new milestones to the more than 40 innovations and 10 R&D certificates achieved since 2012.

The development of new faster, more efficient and safer ways to build houses for its customers is another of the company’s mainstays in terms of innovation. For this reason, industrialization has become one of the main areas of focus for Vía Célere. In this sense, the company has been the first major developer to launch the construction of an industrialized multi-family residential building in Spain.

The year 2018 has been a year of growth and changes for the company, which already has more than 400 employees. Additionally, the company breaks with the trend of inequality in the real estate sector, providing talent and equal opportunities for men and women. As a result, its management team has 65% women (11 in total).

According to Gómez-Pintado “Via Célere has always been characterized as a leading company in the sector. In addition, after the integration of Aelca’s assets, we embark on a new stage in which we want to continue promoting the values that characterize us: innovation, customer focus, sustainability and corporate social responsibility”.

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