Vía Célere once again revolutionises communal areas with its guest house

  • A separate, common room for accommodating owners’ guests.
  • Includes all the conveniences necessary so that visitors can feel at home
  • Célere Las Rosas has 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes and lofts and communal areas for all the family

The guest house is a common room that the community will make available to owners so that they can share it with their guests offering them the possibility of staying in a fully equipped property with a cutting-edge design which represents Vía Célere’s commitment to continue to offer its customers innovative solutions.

Célere Las Rosas thus offers, for the first time in the sector, the possibility of accommodating family and Friends in the residential complex for a short stay or a weekend. The residential complex is located to the East of Madrid, in an area constantly undergoing growth and development, and the new development that has all services available for its future owners has begun to be marketed.

According to Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Manager, “At Célere Las Rosas we wanted to pioneer a new way of serving our guests and this is the guest house, a common room in which the owners can accommodate their friends and family without using their own homes”.

The development has 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and lofts, with the developer’s characteristic quality seal. The areas around the residential complex have all the services that families will need: nurseries, schools, health centres, sports centres, chemists, supermarkets and shopping centre.

In addition, Célere Las Rosas has areas designed for enjoying leisure and sports among which are: an adult swimming pool, a playground for the little ones, games room, gym and a social-gourmet room so that owners can optimise their free time in an environment created for enjoying everyday life. Vía Célere offers solutions with state-of-the-art technology developed for daily use by owners and the residential complex therefore has multi-user electronic lockers to manage home delivery services, parcels or supermarket orders, without them having to be at home.

Célere Las Rosas is also a green residential complex and its owners will have the versatility and sustainability that are fundamental for Vía Célere. With an energy rating A, which represents a considerable energy saving and an 89% reduction in CO2 emissions. The residential complex is capable of generating a minimum saving of 70% on domestic hot water (DHW) consumption and owners can obtain estimated savings of up to € 1,324, taking as a reference a home with energy rating F.