Vía Célere opens an experiential office for developments in Valladolid

At Vía Célere we believe that it is essential for future customers to know what their future home will be like first-hand and as well as possible. For this reason, one of the initiatives that has been implemented is the creation of experiential offices that allow customers to experience the main characteristics of the promotion, through a sensorial journey.

This is the case of the developments in Valladolid, which already have their own space for this purpose. Located on Calle Mariano de los Cobos, 1 Office 6, we can find:

  • A space to discover what the external common areas will be like
  • A waiting area
  • The virtual tour area that will allow us to get a closer look at the details of the developments, as well as to browse the homes and discover the rooms.
  • Rooms: such as a fully equipped kitchen or bathroom where you can appreciate the finishes, materials, furniture, etc.
  • Customization area: at this point the customer can choose between different options to customize their home and feel at home from the first moment, by choosing: tiling, paint, kitchen floors, kitchen furniture, countertop, etc. from all the available options.

In short, all the aspects that allow the buyer to complete the information about the home and enable them play a part in the details during the customization of what will be their future home.

These functionalities are available for all those interested in the Célere Arco and Célere Jalón developments.

You can access the Experiential Office by clicking here