Vía Célere opens its show apartment in “Casa Vega”

Vía Célere, developer specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has opened the doors of its latest “Casa Vega” promotion through its show apartment, a real recreation of one of the homes where the future buyer can see, first hand, what it is like to enjoy a Vía Célere home.

In this way, visitors can check all the qualities that Vía Célere has for their homes. Within the most aesthetic part, you can walk through all the rooms seeing sizes and distribution and external materials used and showing how the key focus in brightness through the large windows designed for “Casa Vega”. In addition, they will be able to ascertain “in situ”, what qualities are included in the parts that are not usually seen in houses: radiant floors, insulation, finishes …

“Casa Vega”, which will be delivered in October 2018, will have 62, three and four-bedroom homes with an area between 137 and 152 m2. On the other hand, the building has a social-gourmet room for the enjoyment of all owners. This room, designed for meetings, parties and others, has a large equipped kitchen and space for everyone’s fun.

Located in the grounds of the old Tobacco Factory of A Coruña and next to the new City of Justice, “Casa Vega” has an A energy rating. With this, an economic saving equivalent to €800 per year is calculated if we take as a Reference a G energy rate house.

According to Cristina Ontoso, Commercial Director, Marketing and Customer Service of Vía Célere “Our commitment to building innovation is permanent and through the show apartment of” Casa Vega “we wanted to show this commitment. To do this, we have recreated what a real house would be like using the same high quality materials that fulfil a dual function, the first one is aesthetics but the most important one is the one that cannot be seen, materials that seek to innovate for the wellbeing of owners “.