Vía Célere opens the first industrialised experiential office in the sector

  • The company, a pioneer in the development of experiential offices, is taking a step further with the presentation and implementation of this project.
  • A high quality modular building manufactured in controlled environments on an assembly line that is put up in just one day and completely finished apart from connecting the general utilities.
  • Owners will be able to get to know their future home through a sensory tour based on the five senses.

Vía Célere, a pioneer in the real estate sector with the development and implementation of experiential offices, is taking a step further by presenting the first industrialised experiential office in the sector. Located in its new Célere Cortijo Norte development in Boadilla del Monte, it offers customers a differential, innovative and creative valueThe developer, which specialise in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, presents this concept that is a high-quality modular building that is manufactured in controlled environments on an assembly line and is completely finished, apart from connecting the general utilities, in just one day.

In this way, the industrialised experiential office can be re-used in any other location, without leaving any trace on the land, thus favouring maintenance of the environment. Likewise, the building has all the technical specifications: technical code in terms of insulation, fire, ventilation, air conditioning and accessibility. To carry out these manufacturing processes, Vía Célere has its own factory staffed by professionals who belong to the company’s industrialisation division.

On the other hand, through neuromarketing strategies, Via Célere’s experiential offices make clients connect to their future home via a sensory tour based on the five senses.

Clients will be able to see their future home through a tour of different spaces where feelings and sensations are awakened. Each of the areas of the tour highlights everything that is taken into account when buying a home, from the virtual tour to see the outside in 3D, have a 360º view of it and visit the inside of a home interactively, to taking a walk through the outdoor and indoor communal areas. In addition, clients can find out how their home is built and the effort made for energy savings by having energy rating A, as well as space customisation options. To be able to smell freshly cut grass, chocolate with orange and listen to music or the sound of water simulating relaxing moments in the swimming pool while taking this tour are some of the unusual aspects that this route offers.

Vía Célere, which has been developing and implementing this concept for years, has experiential offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​which have already been visited by more than 2,027 people. Likewise, in recognition of the work that the company is doing in this field, it received a prize at the 2016 ASPRIMA-SIMA awards, which recognises the best initiatives in the real estate sector, such as the best product marketing campaign by the Célere Magoria experiential office, which was the first one that the company opened. In the near future, Via Célere plans to open new industrialised offices both in Spain and Portugal

According to Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Manager of Vía Célere: “For years we have been working on improving the customer experience when entering our offices, for this reason in 2016 we opened our first experiential office, something totally innovative in the sector, thus becoming pioneers.

“Our idea is that future owners can perceive with all their senses how their home will be and therefore get an idea of ​​what their future will be like. This is just another example of the work behind each project that we carry out, in which we have a dedicated team of professionals who work constantly to offer and implement ideas to surprise our  customers, provide differential value to the company and respond to the commitment we have with society“, concluded Cristina Ontoso