Vía Célere presents MagicHouse, an innovative housing concept that modifies space and adapts to each situation

  • The Vía Célere MagicHouse adapts to the needs of its inhabitants, modifying the space by moving one of its partition walls and extending its furniture.
  • This innovative and pioneering concept is especially aimed at an urban buyer profile, which demands spaces that are increasingly more flexible and adaptable to their lifestyle.

Today, Vía Célere, real estate developer specializing in the development, investment and management of residential assets, presented MagicHouse, an innovative housing concept developed to optimize the use of available space. This new type of flat, which will be implemented in the Célere Las Rosas development for the first time in Spain, has a mobile partition wall and folding multipurpose convertible furniture integrated into the walls, so that the house can adapt to the use that its occupier requires at each time.

The MagicHouse has two adaptable spaces, via a mobile partition wall that includes electricity and telecommunications points, a new room can be created by reducing the space available in the living room. In addition, the integration of furniture (such as a double bed, two bunk beds, a desk and multiple cupboards) on the walls allow the user to always have the most comfortable space according to their needs. This is complemented by the fact that the house is fully equipped as, besides the beds and the desk, it also includes a three-seater sofa, an entrance side table that extends to a dining table with a capacity for 10 people and 10 stackable chairs. This way, a 50m2 home, which is the size of the the first homes of this type, can be converted into a two-bedroom home for 4 people or a large dining room for 10 or 12 diners.

The introduction of this novel product in Spain, which required an initial investment of €1,250,000 and the participation of a team of 40 people, responds to a need detected by Vía Célere in the urban population, which increasingly demands more flexible spaces that can be adapted to their lifestyle. This applies especially to certain segments of the population such as young people, single-parent families, new divorcees or middle-aged widowers.

Initially, Vía Célere will put eight homes of this type on sale in its Célere las Rosas development at a price of €190,000. According to Miguel Pinto, Head of Strategy at the company, “this new product is the result of the combination of our constant commitment to innovation, to which we allocate 15% of our costs, and actively listening to our customers. Thanks to both elements we detected a need and have been able to meet it in the best way possible, always maintaining the highest qualities in our homes.

Pinto also added: “We are currently in the initial stage of marketing this product, but if it is well received by the market we could introduce it in new developments or even create a development composed exclusively of this type of housing. This way, Vía Célere is once again a pioneer in the introduction of a ground-breaking product that could set the future trends of the Spanish residential sector”.

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