Vía Célere reinvents the traditional concept of garages in homes

  • Vía Célere is the first real estate developer to carry out this type of project in residential garages.
  • The company has opted for giving pride of place to one of the parts of the home that is most often neglected, providing them with design, modernity and warmth.
  • Perimeter LED lights, pictures covering the walls and ceiling to generate depth and continuity of the space and a structure in warm tones are the company’s main choices.

Design, luminosity, dynamism and realism are the main characteristics with which Vía Célere, a developer specialising in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has attempted to revolutionise the concept of residential garages. In this way, and in response to its commitment to develop increasingly innovative projects, the company is positioned in the real estate market as the first one to develop this project. In this respect, Via Célere has opted for giving pride of place to one of the parts of the home that is most often neglected, providing them with personality and moving away from traditional models.


The first development that will see the light of day from this new project will be that of Célere Cortijo Norte, a residential complex of premium homes in Boadilla del Monte located in the community of Madrid. In this sense, to carry out this creative concept, on this occasion, Via Célere has been inspired by the Parque de Guadarrama that lies close to the development. It natural landscapes are thus reflected in images that cover the walls and ceilings, providing depth and continuity in the space, creating the sensation of a road trip or the feeling of being in a forest. In addition, inspirational messages that evoke relaxation and tranquillity have been incorporated into the walls.


On the other hand, the company also innovates in terms of the elements it has used for garage lighting through perimeter LED lights. In this way, an environment is created in which the typical dark areas disappear providing a greater sense of safety. On the other hand, for the structure of the car parks, warm colours have been chosen in muted brown tones to create a more welcoming atmosphere.


According to Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Manager of Vía Célere: “We are very proud to be the first in the sector to introduce this new vision of residential garages that is so innovative. In general, when these spaces are built they are created with the comfort and practicality of the owners in mind, but not much attention is given to their design or style. We clearly want to change this concept so that the garages breathe the same life as that with which we design our homes and meet the conditions necessary for owners to feel safe, comfortable and at home”.

The company, which has recently incorporated a new garage door opening system via smartphone or smartwatch into the homes in the Célere Villaverde development, continues to opt for customisation of these spaces in response to its commitment to generate value in the sector and develop innovative projects as it main hallmarks.